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Numen Security Technology
Numen Sentinel
A state-of-the-art modular Security Analytics & Response solution against the most advanced threats.
Encryption and digital forensic tools integrated in a single scalable solution
Protection, visibility and real-time response for every network segment and device
Easy integration and scalability
Numen's Solutions
Discover our rational and comprehensive range of innovative solutions for all major security requirements
Security Solution
Powerful NGFWs equipped with Security Analytics & Response solutions that stop and prevent intrusions as well as collecting forensic evidence.
Cloud solutions
Cloud SIEM and IDS Solutions have one of the most powerful endpoints of the market and use the blockchain technology for Sensitive File Backup and Data Recovery.
Managed Services
Our services are designed to prevent, react and generate evolutionary processes in the digital environments where they operate.
Home Solutions
Prevention, detection and reaction against the most advanced cyberattacks to protect the digital environment at home.
Home Solutions
Security Solutions
Numen Box Home
Innovative all-in-one cyber security solution to protect the domestic digital environment and guarantee the full operation of the Home Office
ESET Internet Security®
Imperishable protection to browse the internet on a daily basis, without compromising the power of your devices.
Cloud Solutions
Numen Sync for personal files
High-performance solutions to guarantee the security and privacy of the digital assets of companies of any size.
Business Solutions
High-performance solutions to guarantee the security and privacy of the digital assets of companies of any size.
Business Solutions
Global Security
Numen Box Business
Revolutionary all-in-one solution to mitigate cyber security risks of Small & Medium Business (SMB) as well as large corporations.
Cloud Solutions
Numen Sync for business files
Reliable and comprehensive cloud storage solution, designed for the needs and requirements of commercial users.
Managed Services
Vulnerability, Threats and Risks Advisory Report
We identify potential vulnerabilities; we work to strengthen security measures and minimize risks.
Policy Review
We evaluate cyber security practices, to help prepare and protect the information in a business context.
Incident Recovery Plan
Instructions are designed to help your IT team detect, respond to, and recover from cyber attacks.
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